Mark A. Meyerowitz, CPA: Mark graduated from Hofstra University in 1973. After working at a local accounting firm, he started his own practice in 1981. Mark was a sole practitioner until 1982 when Karen joined him and they formed Meyerowitz & Meyerowitz. Markís strongest asset has always been his personal advice and service to his clients. Over the past 20 years he has also become an expert in computer technology and enjoys the challenge of setting up systems to help clients improve their efficiency with existing or new programs.

Karen A. Meyerowitz, CPA: Karen graduated from Hofstra University in 1974. After working at a large Long Island accounting firm, she joined Mark in 1982 to create Meyerowitz & Meyerowitz. Karenís organizational skills help clients to run their businesses more efficiently. She is involved in year end accounting and tax planning and prepares business & personal tax returns. Karen also works with clients on setting up their QuickBooks files and troubleshooting problems.